A Seal Near Holden Beach!

This past weekend we had a very unique visitor to the Holden Beach area… a seal! As you can imagine we get all kinds of visitors but this one was truly unexpected.

This guy (or gal?) showed up Friday morning on a jet ski dock at a home on the mainland near Shallotte Inlet.

We are still not sure of the kind of seal he or she is but would welcome any information that any knowledgeable person clue us in on.

The seal hung around for several hours and then went for a swim in the direction of Shallotte Point but returned to the same dock later that day.

We all hoped he or she would stick around long enough for the Wildlife authorities to come investigate and perhaps look out for him but he took off before they could arrive.

If anyone can identify what kind of seal it is and where his natural habitat is we’d sure like to know. Leave us a comment below! We don’t know where he came from or where he went but he sure is cute!

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