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Islands Art and Bookstore Ocean Isle BeachIslands Art and Bookstore features an extensive collection of works by premier local artists and photographic prints at affordable prices. All Giclee’ prints are of the highest quality using archival inks and the highest quality materials.

The Giclee’ process offers perhaps the highest degree of accuracy and richness of the color palate of all the reproduction techniques available today. You’ll find a wide selection of high quality Giclée Prints by locals: Miller Pope and renowned nature photographer Ken Buckner. Also romance and mystery novels by writers Jacqueline DeGroot, Tom Rieber and others.

Islands Art and Bookstore also offers a selection of books by the area’s best writers and illustrators.

Located: In Beach Drive Center at 6885 Beach Drive (Hwy 179) between the islands of Sunset Beach, NC and Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Islands Art and Bookstore features Beautiful Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry by April Owens.

The coastal islands of the area have long been a magnet to those who want to discover the beauty and romance of the area and decide to put down roots.

All books, photographic prints, original works and Giclee’ prints are by artists and writers who live here or write about the area.