Photographer’s Beach Photos

Holden Beach, NC is featured in new book by nationally renowned local nature photographer and artist, Ken Buckner!

Favorite Beach Photos – By Ken Buckner

Hardcover coffee table edition with 128 high quality 8″x10″ pages with 100 full color photographs.

Stroll sandy shores by the sea or the beaches of a lovely lake and see sunrises, sunsets and wildlife just as nationally renowned local nature photographer and artist, Ken Buckner viewed them through his camera.

This is Ken’s journey and you are invited to join him through these pages. Most of the photos were taken near his home in the South Brunswick Islands of North Carolina.

“I explore beauty with my camera. The photos show the journey” – Ken Buckner

The book includes the occasional “story behind the picture.” Ken wants the reader to feel some of the excitement he experienced capturing these special moments in time.

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Excerpt from “Favorite Beach Photos” – By Ken Buckner: “Holden Beach, North Carolina is home to some of the largest Ghost Crabs that I’ve ever seen. Late one afternoon this creature and I seemed to be the only visitors on an east end beach and we spent about two hours together.

I noticed that the crab was not only unafraid of me, he (or she) turned to face me as I moved around it in fascination, It occurred to me that I could control the light of the setting sun on the crab without touching it by simply changing my position. Thinking that an eye level approach might be interesting, I got down on my stomach in the sand and used a short telephoto lens to take a really good took. The crab seemed as interested in me as I was in it, perhaps seeing its own reflection in the lens. An encounter like this with what seems an alien visitor with its pod eyes above its head is one of the reasons I enjoy nature so much. The golden light of sunset became everything a photographer could hope for. The photograph provides a look at a creature that is normally shy and reminds me of the communication we had and the sunset we shared that special afternoon at the beach.”

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Excerpt from “Favorite Beach Photos” – By Ken Buckner: “Consistently my most popular nature photo year after year, this image was made on the west end of Ocean Isle Beach, N. C. The inviting path to the sea, lined with sea oats and soft dunes reminds the viewer of a pleasant excellence they’ve had or would like to have. I didn’t know at the time that storms (especially hurricanes) can alter barrier islands drastically. They can move or eliminate all the things that are captured in this serene view and that is exactly what happened here. “Dunes Path” became the first photo to make me realize the value of recording transitory beauty. I was fortunate to find this spot and record it for all to enjoy, I loved the golden sea oats, blue shadows, pink sand and the tiny bird tracks going up the small dune in the foreground, I built the design around the cactus shapes and still enjoy the sense of depth in the picture from the closest sand grains to the ocean’s distant horizon fine. The photograph portrays a moment of beauty that was and may again be seen in similar form along the ocean’s ever changing shore.”

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